Hello there!

When I'm sad, i write. When I'm happy, i write too! well only sometimes!
When I'm mad, I write again.
When I'm [name it], yes, I write everything:)
I love typing e. hehe.

Enjoy :] though ngayon palang magbibigay na ako ng warning. Halos kadramahan ung nandito because pag masaya ako, or inspired, hindi ako nakakapagsulat masyado, baliktad haha. So mas madaming drama kesa happy moments.

I'm not a good writer nga pala, usually what I write in here dere-deretso ko lang tinatype and I dont proofread it. At last na, bitin yung ibang kwento, lalo na pag inatake ako ng katamaran.


thank you sa pagdaan dito sa blog ko


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 9 - My beliefs

About life: It is never fair yet it is worth living.

About love: It is really PATIENT and KIND. It is worth fighting for.

About people: They don't come and go, their roles in your life just change thru time.

About destiny:  It may be inevitable, but it may also be in our hands. Ironic.

About mistakes: They always teach us a lesson.